Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He's a little info from my friend Y-love:
PhotobucketFinally, "Change" is here!

The breakdown:

"Change" single out today (buy on iTunes - Describe & Y-Love)

* Change Ringtone (click here)
* MC Duo to perform at World Trade Center: Tower 7
on Jan 21st (info)

* Video out January 27th

Info: The BBC, Italy's La Repubblica, and XXL magazine have all featured Brooklyn-based MC Y-Love and his multilingual approach to hip-hop. Now, he's teaming up with Crown Heights collaborator DeScribe to give a fresh musical take on the most powerful word of 2009. Their new single "Change" mixes Y-Love's militant mysticism with the plaintive urgency of DeScribe's singing. Combining a driving, radio-ready beat, produced by Prodezra, and subject matter few dare to touch, "Change" truly stands out on the path from old to new.

"Change" is the first in the series of four songs that comprise "The Change EP". One song will be released per month beginning with "Change" to be released on Modular Moods/Shemspeed.

myspace. com/describeylove
shemspeed. com/change

- Y-love

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