Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rated X and Micheal T's birthday bash.

- Micheal T, shot by Kaos Blac

So yeah i had to show up to this event. He's my dude. I not saying that I'm like you M-T what up but he knows me enough to say hi, and don't we all just want to be said "hi" to, and waved at. I met Micheal T way back in the old days, circa 2006, New years at his party MOTHERFUCKER! (which if you didn't know while it lasted was one of the best night out in nyc). He was then as he always is a classy guy spinning the best in soul and Bowie classics. Ah memories.

Anyway flash forward and it his birthday party at on of the parties he host,
- Along with Theo, of the band Theo and the skyscrapers, they present weekly debauchery with a late night hot body contest hosted by Peppermint Gummybear. Its just crazyness all the time!

So I showed up to Don Hills in the middle of the cold just in time to warm my sac with Micheal T and the Vanities as they hit the stage,

Classy stuff man, Happy birthday Micheal T. You kick ass, Bowie style!

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