Thursday, January 29, 2009

Renaissance in the digital age - Brad Digital

I have one of the most the random life. So i was just strolling around the LES just loafing about when I can across this,

I been seeing these all over the area and have been taking photo's of them when ever I get the chance. NYC is just full of great street art and street artist. They make a stance with there canvas's and project their ideas to you where you can see it - out in the open. So no sooner than I shot the picture some dude pop's up wearing a hood and ask for a photo with the image. I go, "oh boy here we go" I oblige to get him away from me, but i was kinda in a good mood and didn't mind the interruption. The hooded figure pulled back his hood and low and be hold it was the guy from the image.

KWAI! (random mental sound effect). I was just blown away and pulled out my camera again for an interview.

I was totally into what he was saying. So I tagged along with him for a bit picking at his mind and then we came up to one of his creation point's and I saw these,

We stopped and I egged him on for another bit of his history and a story.

All in all he's a pretty dope dude and he has tons of otehr great art projects such as this event with his Little Brooklyn creation and his clothing line, BZOO.

He's some video of an Little Brooklyn event.

little brooklyn - Miami