Friday, January 30, 2009

RHYTHM 'N' BOUNCE R&B Thursdays at KATRA NYC also the Studio with Roxy

I went out last night with my homie, Don The Prine or Don P, we were trying to take on the night and jumped from party to party first up the Studio at Webster hall. It was a weird night. Upstairs it was ladies night, full of hood rats and birds of various feathers. Down stairs was Dance Class,

To bad I left early there was a band playing before the party started,

They were ok, just had really realllly reallllllly long songs. We bounced but not before we said hi to Roxy Cottontail and see the what was happening at various party of the club.

So we were headed to APT next but the L train wasn't going to 8th avenue so we decided to go to Katra. YOOOO!! this party was dope. Straight up R'n'B all night.

So as we wrapped up the night and headed back to the mess called NYC subway's at night we couldn't help but capture our anguish.

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