Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And Justice for all!!

No not the Metallica album but Xavier de Rosnay of Justice. I got to hang and his crew at his latest DJ gig in nyc's Webster Hall. I started off the night down stairs watching this crazy band, Michna & woodhands (they'll get their own post later along with the debauchery of Trash that went on that night) and made my way around the venue. going room to room. I eventually made my way to the grand ballroom and made my way backstage, staying on my hustle grind -lol. It was a real chill atmosphere backstage. no one was doing blow or anything - that I know off, lol. It was cool for a bit but I had to make out to teh stage to see the amassing crowd waiting for Xavier to spin. While we were all waiting, not to be out done him self, Busy P threw down a hard set and finished off with the smiths to transfer over the steel wheel's,well they only used the CDJ, to Xavier.

The View from the loft space back stage

DUDE!!!! It was fucking great!. People kept crawling up my leg trying to get on stage and some just to get up and stage dive. I had a blast and even got to see Merlin Bronques of last night's party doing his thing.

I wish I stayed the whole night but i kept losing track of my things and didn't want to eventually lost them so I broke out around 3ish in the am.

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