Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's back from the DOOMTREE....and is BUILDING BETTER BOMBS!

P.O.S. is his name and raping and rocking is his game. Yeah Folks he's back this week with the follow up to his 2006 album, Audition, with the new album Never Better being released on tuesday 2/3/09. Since picking up on him I have been so amped about what he does. He's not a dude who gets caught up in the whackness of contemporary hip-hop structures of bitches and ho's but he more rather uses his raps to convey just his everyday story of fucked up life. Growing up P.O.S., or Stef as he's liked to be called, wasnt into hip-hop at all. Growing up in his home town of Minneapolis he was initially engaged in punk music, Minor Threat, At the Drive-In, Refused. It wasn't until years of fiddling with guitars and basement shows, some times as a drum, or, guitarist, or singer, that he realized that hip-hops was a valid point of expression and began to make his own music, albeit outside of the sphere of mainstream rap. During this time of new self expression he along with some of his classmates began a Hip-Hop labe l/ collective Doomtree. After his first release with Doomtree he was picked up by Rhymesayers Entertainment where he continues to create at.

P.O.S music cant really be quantified into any particular genre because of his single minded unique view on music. He's even because of his quoted to say his music is, "rap to skateboard to", which is an arguable note. Not only does he rap over bumping beats he also plays guitars and real drums on his tracks. All of this is of consequence of the fact of his punk music upbringing which he continues on beside his Hip-Hop stuff with his band Building better Bombs. If you want a screamcore blood bath for your ears just listen to these guys! They are nuts! The first time I saw them I was jut blown away with the aggressive guitars and P.O.S screeching howls.

Photo's by Kaos Blac, 2006

Here are a few video's from P.O.S. Enjoy:

P.O.S. YEAH RIGHT (SCIENCE, SCIENCE) from Aaron Anderson on Vimeo.

Doomtree "Traveling Dunk Tank" Music Video from Ted Romeo on Vimeo.

P.O.S Tour Dates

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