Monday, February 16, 2009

Yolo - The Poet.

Last week I go the chance to meet one of my literary idols, Yolo Akili. He was up in New York for a for a conference about the role of men in feminist empowerment and support. This was my first time meeting the poet, since we have been friends on various social networks for a while hence. I took the chance to take him around the city and show him all the hot spots when I could make due time. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time, or proper equipment to record a poem live for you but to make up i asked if he could put a few tracks off of his CD up on Immem so I could shrea with you all. here you go.

The description of his first album goes as this, "Yolo Akili's first album simply entitled Yolo-is a jounrey into another universe. Drawing on themes of magic, feminism, metaphysics and gender and racial disparities, his work is definitely a must hear!" I'm down for the cause brother and you should be also.

Application Denied.wma - Yolo Akili

The Neighborhood Association.wma - Yolo Akili

Black Men A Dialectical.wma - Yolo Akili

For more of Yolo check out: Yolo the poet

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