Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caberet Cataplexy, a salute to Black history month.

- Tangerine Jones, August 2008, Kaos Blac

Through comedy and dance the minds behind Caberet Cataplexy, Ashley Brockington and Minstah Black, have month after month since its inception, last year September, have brought to the stage the best and brightest underground black stars. A virtual railroad full of talent if you would, from Dancers to jugglers to French singers to comedic banter between the host all pile aboard the train to the Slipper room every last Monday of the month to do there thing. To celebrate them and this month of blackness, cause its only so long i want to share with you a few photot's taken by the door man - ME!

August 2008, Kaos Blac

September 2008, Kaos Blac

October 2008, Kaos Blac

And the show is never over with out the after show dance parties,

-photo's september 2008, Kaos Blac

- Photo's October 2008, Kaos Blac

Ashni and Ashley
Monstah Black and Micha
DJ Chicken Gizzard Jones
- February 2009, Kaos Blac

Miss Oops!

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The Adventures Of Monstah Black said...

Thanks for the post Kaos!!! The next Cataplexy is about blossoming (Spring Equinox)!