Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lyricist lounge

I went out last night to Lyricist Lounge to see Blitz the Ambassador and his embassy ensemble. I was invited by his manager to come out to the show and I took him up on the offer. I was surprised to get back stage access and got tons of great pictures.

from left Sandman, Blitz, and friend
Blitz, second from left, and members of his band
Bubble Girls
Raye 6 and her Bubble Girls

It was just nuts getting to hang out with Blitz, Raye 6, Sandman and all the other acts of the night. Thankfully I got grounded with seeing my friend's Elizabeth and TreZure at the show.

Numbisi and Logan

The acts were great featuring,



but you cant always please everybody,


But at least the two last acts were dope!

What was even better was to see my boys Malik and T-bone playing with Raye 6,

Blitz the Ambassador and The Embassy ensemble.

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