Friday, March 20, 2009

Natural strings

I love this dude like a fat kid loves a slice off cake! I randomly came across marques on the street on day. He was this dude just walking around in the Williamsburg summer sun with his shirt off, fro popping, guitar slung over his shoulder like the town minstrel. Of course I had to do a double take cause I knew he wasn't in Tv On The Radio, there seems to be a Williamsburg negro limit on black musicians, but he wasn't wow I thought. I was on my way to sum thing so I couldn't stop and chat him up. On my way back to the train to escape Williamsburg I was further shocked and awed to find that this dude was playing the Violin and singing with it also....and WELL!!!! A find if any. Hope you enjoy.

Marques 4 from Bon Duke on Vimeo.

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