Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We were lovers and also Chimps.

I feel really bad about this one. I had a chance to see Canadaian band We Were Lovers, fronted by Elsa formally of Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z ( I saw them at an Afro-punk showcase a while ago). I was walking down the 6th st, at SxSW and I saw this lovely face. I approched and went like WE WERE LOVERS. She saw bewildered untill I told here I was the guy trying to get her and the new band to play as the Afro-punk Festival last year. We had a shoret talk and she displayed a flyer with a showcase they were playing. I made a pact to go see the show...but tragigdfgf struck! I had the pizza in Austin. It was later after my encounter with a few friends were were walking around hungry and we stopped for pizza. OH MY STARS AND GREATERS. I had like two bits and threw up in a garbage pail. I walked back to a friends crash spot and well...crashed. when I woke up it was past 8pm, the time of there show! I missed it. All the way from Canada for a show, randomly meet them and I get sick!!!!!!!!!! Boo on me but you should check them out:

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