Sunday, May 31, 2009

Your hood is not that hood...

Every other day coming home to my "room" in Bed Stuy, I exit out of the subway station only to be greeted by at least one, if not multiple, pit bulls waiting for me with spiked collars and chain leashes. They're always owned by some random young light weight guy, half the size of his pet, struggling to keep his jaw locking beast under control.
In other words; he's not walking the dog, the dog is walking him!

But just when I thought my hood was hood I came across this...

Yep, you saw right. That's a hyena and a baboon.

According to the photographer, Pieter Hugo, these men are in the middle of Lagos, Nigeria. (A huge major fucking city for those of you that think Africa is all jungles and bush!) They have created a method of taming extremely dangerous and wild animals as part of a family animal handling tradition. They keep hyenas, pythons and baboons as pets and perform with them for money. The animals are so tame that they let their children play with them.

(Note: you don't see hyenas or baboons at the circus or animal shows because those shits are not able to be tamed like lions or bears are! Imagine how wild you have to be to out do a lion.)

So to the light weights in unfitted fitteds that can't control your measly ass pit bulls, YOU ARE THE LESSER PET OWNER!