Sunday, June 21, 2009


He's Brother Voodo...

-Photo by Kaos Blac

He's not the comic book Voodoo shaman of marvel comics but he's just as mythical. Stating in his bio as being a Artist, Musician and fashion designer he ups the comic book Voodoo my miles. Currently he was a new album ep, Double Black Digits, due to be released next month. Also he has a showcase at Fat baby's to celebrate it. So I got a little background information for those not in the know.

Kaos Blac: Who are you, where did you come from?

Voodo Fe: I am VooDo Fe' from the 3rd planet left of Brooklyn...

-photo by Todd C. Westphal

Kaos Blac: As a multi-art form artist where do you derive your inspiration from for your works?

Voodo Fe: The ideas tend to deliver themselves to me. I just sit and wait until the right one comes and attack it as it tells me how it what's to be told...

-Voodo Fe with art pieces, photo by Todd C. Westphal

Kaos Blac: Describe your new album to me.

Voodo Fe: Aggressive, genre molesting, no fear and self pleasing...

-Photo by Kaos Blac

Kaos Blac: If your getting a new tattoo or piercing where would you put it and why.

Voodo Fe: I'll probaly finish my back & right arm... no reason... I just do..! HahA!!!

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