Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alex Ludovico

He use to be and Ill Eagle now he's just Alex Ludovico. Chit-towns own Alex Ludovico is a hip hop cat that can start a mosh pit if he wanted to but prefers to just let his lyrics beat ya in the head. he's a little interview with the man himself.

Kaos Blac :Who is Alex Ludovico, what was it like for you growing up as a child.

Alex Ludovico: Alex Ludovico is a 22 year old kid who really like stringing words together to make them rhyme. Preferably in rhythm. I'm from Gary, IN. So my childhood was a rather interesting one. Gary is a rough, violent city but I was always an outcast. I was really into punk and metal during my teenage years, so I avoided alot of the pitfalls that came over my friends. Alot of which was due to my weirdness factor.

KB: I see that you have varying taste in music. As you aged how did you get into the music your into. How did that translate itno what you do today?

AL: I think it came from an obsession with MTV. During my formative years, I consumed A TON of that channel. And this was during its heyday, so I watched a veritable shitton of music videos. Plus I've always wanted to be a music journalist, so all my allowance always went to music magazines. And once Napster emerged on the scene, it was a wrap. I consumed around 5-8 albums a day (a practice I still take up). And I never had a preference as far as what music I was into. Everything from Eminem to The Strokes (this is when I first started, btw. My taste are ALOT more electic now) to Slayer. And I think when I started making music, these influences I picked up bled through what I was doing, even if it is, for the most part, straight forward hip-hop.

KB: You have a new release out and its free. Do you feel that making music freely avalible to your audience will entice them to see you live? or buy (download)a future album?

AL: I'm a firm believer in the ideal that music will eventually be free to consume. Its turning back into the old days where people would buy sheet music that Tin Pan Alley would crank out. But instead of sheet music, you have computers that come preloaded with Garage Band. So my music is free because its about the art. Commerce is cool, of course I want to make money doing what I love. But that isn't what drives me. The album is more or less a set up for the live show, which is what I pride myself on. But money will come eventually, I just want people to hear the product that I am creating.

KB: Where do you see this music taking you?

AL: My ultimate goal is to be able to sustain myself on strickly music. I'm not really into the whole idea that going mainstream is selling out, nor am I a hater of the underground music community. All I care about is making good music. I see my music allowing me to create a loyal, stable fan base. And eventually being able to tour 7 months out of a year. I want to spread the gospel that is Alex Ludovico to people who want something dope to listen to.

So thats that get a copy of his new music here,

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