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Get Familier...The Five One

As You all know I try to have the Five One do weekly updates on this blog with there latest weekly song mix. I been getting good feed back from the public but people want to know more about them. Like who the hell are they, well intrepid read i have some information for you.

The core of the band are four members,





To further explain the color coordination and the music I had a chance to talk to two members of the Five One Band so you can familiar with them.

Kaos Blac: Who are you and where do you come from, and add this in there also whats your history?

Green: I am Green. Dorchester next to maddapn birthed the greatest man close to the city I claim don't have to say a thing. Boston Born moved to France moved back to Farmingham MA then moved to Reston VA DMV representa ever since.

Gold: All that I know is that I am Gold! It... Read More’s easy to rock the color that your national team sports in the FIFA World Cup. In ’94, I watched Romania and USA in the same group at age ten. The vibrant gold color hasn't left my memory.

I was born in Bucharest, Romania's Caritas Hospital, in the heart of the Romanian Revolution. My family's last name means "Basil." My grandfather told me that our family was named after the village we came from in the southwest region of Romania. Before turning six in the capitol of Bucharest, my parents relocated with my sister and I to New. I lived in the big apple for a few months, followed by another relocation to the district. Before long, my parents found a home in the suburbs of Northern, VA, where we live next to a lake with a plaza reminiscent of Romania/Europe. Our natural and eclectic form of art have a lot to do with the influence of the city and the four seasons of VA.

Kaos Blac: whats the concept behind the band.

Green: The Five One represents the 51st State which is a state that doesn't exist in the united states and also colorism is a mind state that may or not exist in our minds...well everyone else minds that ain't a COLOR

Gold: The band name stands for location. There have been references to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. as being the 51st state. This goes hand in hand with the way we look at it. We are an underdog location that deserves to be heard around the world. We are thefiveone for that very reason, spreading the ... Read Moremusic and wisdom of our location. Our four colors represent our personalities, individually and collectively. We identify with art and create for positive influence and inspiration, while paying homage to all the greats we have followed over the years.

Kaos Balc: What are your views on the creation process. Does your back ground have any influence on the music you make?

Green: I don't think i have many views on the creation process because its different from everyone but my background influences every musical decision i make as well as any whoever makes any type of art ..and that background led me naturally to be something different ........but my color is my biggest influence because thats something that i create the definitions for....

Gold: When I was in elementary school, my mother pushed me to play the piano. In Romania, both my parents played the violin. It was a no-brainer that my family would encourage me to play an instrument that they embrace. I loved performing ... Read Morein concerts, but I eventually quit both and picked up guitar from scratch. From there, I worked in every instrument with keys or strings by ear, even drums. I listen to a ton of music, and especially admire it in movies. Everything that I have heard is something I can put on a resume. It has set the tone for all the decisions and views/opinions I have in the studio.

Kaos Blac: your perspective on being in a band that can lay down raps and plays instruments.

Green: Blue and I just grew up writing rhymes and in tune with hip hop so that never left us but we just grew up and started enjoying art as a whole and music as a whole which allowed us to express ourselves with instruments so its to natural for us to real understand what were doing...we dont get it really ..we know it might confuse people but we dont ge tit

Gold: It... Read More’s nice that we are versatile and flexible, though I’m more a fan of how we can switch instruments in a set. The mission is for our live performance to be an experience. We want to play instruments, then pick up sticks and bang on those drums with Blue. Think light shows, slide shows in the back, etc. We’re nowhere near where we want to be. Since we’re working our way on getting there, we feel like we’re wasting time on dwelling on what we can do. We’re much more interested in what we can’t, and why we can’t do it, if that makes sense.

Kaos Blac: projects are you working on, any personal projects.

Green:Deucedayworld is a new project of new songs dont know the length but its coming along and coming soon

Gold: I... Read More’m always writing, so I suppose you could say that. One of the last beats I made on my computer was for DC Sleeps, but then I ended up donating my computer to the studio, since our last one ended up crashing on us in the middle of our remix project (see Lucifer, Killjoy, etc.) Now that I don’t have my studio computer, I play the acoustic a lot, along with the ukulele. I’m picking up a mandolin this weekend, as I think it’ll balance nicely with Red playing his acoustic. I think I speak for the colors when I say that we’re going all in for our band. Anything I’m doing personally is to help us.

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