Sunday, August 23, 2009

Artist to watch...MikeLyrik

photo by Antony Au

Kaos Blac: So your name is MikeLyrik, who are you MikeLyrik. You have an interesting name is there a story behind it?

MikeLyrik: I used to be in a singing group with two of my High School best friends. I named us Lyrik as I was the principal writer of the group. I thought it was a good representation of the type of music I wanted to be a part of. Music that is strong and captivating lyrically first & foremost. After the group broke up & I continued performing, I wanted to be called Lyrik. However, alot of the events I performed at, were community fashion shows, churches and places where people knew me from growing up around me so they'd introduce me as Mike Lyrik Barnes. I got used to it and just added it together Mikelyrik, and it stuck!

Kaos Blac: How would you describe you music in 140 characters, a la a twitter message.

MikeLyrik: My music is true to my own growth experiences in love & life. I work hard to stay as unique w my music as my personality is.

Kaos Blac: So I been following you on twitter, and other various social network portals, how would you describe your connection to your fan base and how important is it to you as an independent artist?

MikeLyrik: My connection with my fan base is very strong. Ive always been a fan of artists who dont try to stay too alienated from their supporters. Matter of fact, I often remember when I jsut started out & only WANTED to be a singer yet had NO fans or supporters besides my family. I am SO grateful to have people all over the world who respect and get into my music, especially as an idependant artist! It's very important to me to stay connected to them as best I can.

Kaos Blac: You recently were nominated for a few underground music awards would you care to elaborate on the matter?

- The event is set to take place August 23, 2009 at BB kings NYC.

MikeLyrik: The UMA's is "like the Grammy's for underground urban music".
A very influential A&R said this and its very true. Its an annual event covered by Source Magazine and MTV news among other major press outlets.

The exposure is uncomparable for artists who are trying to get their work heard! Urban Threshold Ent is one of the key groups who host this event. Their showcases provide a great exposure platforms for independant artists as well as give them opportunities to be included in major industry events like the UMA's. Im completely stoked and honored to even be NOMINATED, especially in the 2 categories that I am in. Lets me know that I am on a snowball-like path in regards to the goals I have set for myself and my music!

Hope you win Mike, and for more on MikeLyrik follow him on twitter,


CeeCee said...

Mikelyrik is so damn sexy!!
Hope radio and video make note of the originality needed in the industry by artists like him!

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Sabena said...

A great article and great pictures! This gives alot of insight & that's a great thing. MikeLyrick is the hottest thing around now & the Music is Just Awesome!!

Almara said...

I am love Mikelyrik here in Bahrain!!