Friday, September 4, 2009

Eye of the Creator...Craniv Boyd

Eopenhagen/ Tokyo
- Eopenhagen / Tokyo By Craniv Boyd

In my many travels I come across may random people in the arts. No other interaction was more random than my meet of Craniv Boyd. I was on a street corner in the east village promoting some random event or something and I extended out my hand, as I do to all passersby so they could take my flyer, out to the unsuspecting Craniv and would up with a crash course in art and a world traveled friend. During our initial conversation we realized we had a mutual friend at this school, Cooper union, and he also handed me a flyer for his upcoming show in Brooklyn. I always find that the road one travel in life lead to where you have to be, mine was at his gallery show where he dazzled huge images of paints he did abroad in Berlin and how he interwove found objects into his art,

- Craniv Boyd, circa 2004 our first meeting, this image was also used on his flyer.

I looked at these giant forms and felt something, they were vibrant and alive, kinetic.
Since that time Craniv has graduated and been all over the world with his works. I recently caught up with Craniv for an in house visit.

- Tools of the artist.

- Reliefs, (Left: Ruykinger Drepa, Right: Woman and Warrior)

Craniv Boyd and slef portriats
- Craniv with self portraits.

untitled/ Chaplan
- Untitled / Chaplan

Mr. Mr. (side view)