Tuesday, June 15, 2010

See the play and fund a movement, Black Boy CONSCIOUS

"BlackBoy CONSCIOUS is a wanted felon. He was once a prisoner of war and has broken free. Not considered a threat, his elite captors did not chase him. Then suddenly! He began to interrupt local church assemblies and school programs to share what he had found- himself. Word spread fast and BlackBoy instantly became a legend until the elites learned of this. Aware of his power, his captors organized material through the magic of television and film to turn you against him. A bounty has been placed over his head and now BlackBoy must plea for his life.

NOW your traditional broadcasting has just been interrupted by a web-cam image of an 18 year black boy with braids and a bandanna over his eye. What will he say? ...

Using the beautiful sounds of spoken word rap and folk style chanting, we take the journey with Black-Boy as we see a young confused yet aspiring adolescent to a man with a complicated past, much wisdom and many enemies." - Joseph Xavier Mack

From July 21, 2010 7:00 PM
Through July 25, 2010 7:00 PM

@ The Producers' Club
358 W 44th Street
New York, NY 19143

I am pleased to help present this play by up and coming producer/ director Joseph Xavier Mack. It is sure to be a event for the mind and soul as we travel with Black Boy along his journey towards enlightning the masses and pulling away the veil of eliteism and materialism in the world. By saying KAOSBLAC at the door and a portion of you ticket proceeds will go to the POC Zine project. The POC Zine project is a non-profit organization that is building an archive of people of color zine's.

"POC Zine Project will curate a traveling POC zine exhibition, establish an archive, produce a website that shares POC zines and provide grants, tools and events for zinesters. Zines are a vital component in the long tradition of self-publication. They share knowledge and experiences that supplement (and often contradict) the information that other sources distribute, encouraging free thought. There are many valuable zine collections in the United States (many accessible online) but none that are devoted to curating POC zines. We want to make it easier for POC zine fans and their supporters to find a diverse selection of zines made by POC." - The POC Zine Project directive.

For ticket in formation visit the following, BLACKBOY CONSCIOUS. For more information on Jospeh Xavier Mack and his other projects check out, J@X-M. For more inforation on the POC Zine Project visit there facebook page, POC Zine Project.

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