Monday, August 16, 2010

Artist to watch...Just a band

A special thanks goes out to Rob Fields of the Bold As Love blog for putting me on to this group. Just a band is not just your average band they are surfers of the nu-wave of African musical tide. Bore out the mind of three college friends from Kenya this group has taken their mixture of pop/electro and soul to the mainstream via youtube posting concept music videos and racking up hits. I cant wait for them to garner a larger fan base and start touring, they are more than just a band they are the fore runners of a new movement of afro-musical expression.

Below is a sampling of there album.

<a href="">Extra by Just a Band</a>

The video for the song "Ha-He", a send up to 70's blacksploitation movies and hero's of the era, has been the linch pin to the bands viral success, take a gander,

Find out more about the band here. Just A Band.

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