Saturday, August 14, 2010

Junkyard Radio

Music never looked so good. The people over at Junk Prints, Chanel Kennebrew, have gone one step further to bring you another revolutionary product design/techno masterpiece. The Junkyard is a new project beginning to be released August 15th where musical collaborations meet design productivity. It's not of the product placement ilk either. Chanel explains it as this, "The music is all on a cassette usb drive and each song will have a series of associated merch. Tees, jewelry, wallets, stickers, anything that lends itself to the music ;)It's like a futuristic box set...for new music." Sweet! Its all together a seamless involvement between Junkprints and various musical creators to create these wonderful pieces. These will be the hot item to have for fall, these usb's will be come surefire collector items.

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