Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tamar Kali's Black Bottom Revue

Tamar Kali's voice is as lush as a kiss in the rain, wet hot and full of warmth. She is a all consuming force of creation. She is a Goddess of time and change, her time is now, after the release of her album "Black bottom", and the change is she is not one holding anything back. During the month of September Tamar Kali will be featured in a three week Friday night Residency at the famous Joe's Pub, and I Kaos Blac will be your host for all the fun. Each night of the residency features music by lady behind the steel wheels (DJ for those not in the know), a thrilling burlesque performance and a special guest. This event specially crafted by Tamar is an expression of Tamar is a artist full of range and creativity just check out the two different versions of her song "Boot",

Rock version

String Chamber version

It all begins this week Friday September 3rd and follows by September 10th, and September 17th. I cant wait for it all to go down. See you there.

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