Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NROTokyo Send Off at House Of Yes

Come out Thursday night at the infamous House Of Yes, Brooklyn to send off Cavalier and TreZure Empire of NRO as they get ready to embark to Shibuya, Tokyo for the Japan Music Week event.
Party as DJ Ezrakh mans the wheels of steel
Be mesmerized as Faro Z hits us with a long awaited preview to his highly anticipated "Only Built for Afro Cuban Linx"
Get grimey with Harlem's prodigal son, Sciryl and the Turnstylez team and of course special sets from Cavalier and TreZure Empire both charged and ready to hit Japan.
Party, celebrate and send them off with a bang...and make sure they arrive with one in Tokyo.
If you have never ventured to the amazing House Of Yes.. now is definitely your chance.

$7 all night
Doors at 9PM!
Open Bar from 9-10PM so get there on time and drink for free!
All Ages!
18+ To Party
21 + To Get Sophisticated

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