Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis the season to get more junk...why not get it from Junkprints!

Yes folks the season is upon us when we max out our credit cards and see relatives we don't really want to see, just to let you know you also may be the relative "you don't really want to see", so why not pacify the whole event with some goodies of good will, we know you need some of it in your life, hence this is were Junkprints steps up to the plate and delivers.



This form fitting light weight padded laptop sleeve is hand made and printed. It's lined in red satin and available in word grain and tape pattern.
These are being made in an edition of 100 (in each pattern)
This item is made to order and ship within 5 business days.



This duffel is a larger version of the junkprints classic duffle. It features the Junkprints wood grain pattern, and is lined in red satin.

This bag is made in an edition of 5.

Measuring 26" x10" with long 40" straps.
Item is in stock and ships the next business day upon ordering.



We are the future! This limited edition necklace is made from balsa wood and plexi.

Made in an editon of 500.
The pendant measures 3.5 x2.5, chain measures 16" long.


To accompamy the release of Junkprints radio vol 17 a collection of pieces were crafted in it's honor. The following are just a few of the collection.




This hoodie features a collaged profile and is the official Hoodie for the song 'Roller Skatin' off of the Junkprints Radio EP. Check out a teaser of the song Roller Skatin'. 'Roller Skatin' Teaser.The hood has lil gold profiles sporatically placed.

COLOR: dark grey 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece.
CARE: Machine wash with like colors and line dry...easy!
AVAILABLE SIZES: This item is done is unisexed sized, so ladies I suggest you order one size down. See Size Chart for more details.
Made in an edition of 100 ;)
This item is in stock and ships the next business day upon order.



These kicks are inspired by the very first single of the Junkprints radio EP, Brooklyn Breeze, By Dana Athens and The Faculty Enterprise.
They are being done in an edition of 100. Check out a teaser of the song Brooklyn Breeze. Brooklyn Breeze Teaser
*Note: Sizes shown are Men’s Sizes.
**All shoes are manufactured and shipped from Please allow 4 weeks for delivery (depending on shipping method).
NOTE: Custom shoes are non-returnable. No PO Boxes, APOs, or FPOs.
Your EP will ship separately from your shoes.
If you are an international customer interested in purchasing these shoes pls contact us at for shipping rate.

The EP, Junkprints radio vol 17, on a cassette tape USB is free with select online including orders over $100 before tax and shipping.

For the rest of the collections at click on "BUY MORE JUNK".

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