Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artist to watch...Veronica

I was out late one night scouring the city for something to do when I came upon Otto's Shrunken head, okay I wouldn't say scouring but seeing a friend was challenging music to say the least yet still good, when I happened upon one of the coolest acts I've seen in a while, Veronica. They are a three piece outfit of droning beat and lo-fi dark wave. They made an impression on me not only by their music but even in a dump like Otto's, come on its a dump we all cherish, they didn't look like they just showed up off the street and picked up instruments to play. I admire a band that can pull the simple things like stage presence off.

"Fear On The Radio"

"Writing In The Sand"

They have a ep single out now, "Writing In The Sand EP" which you can download from the below linked picture,

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