Monday, July 25, 2011

It: I Live!

I live for the worst of times.
When my whole world is tossed upside down and put out of place.
When there is no up, down, left, right, nowhere to turn because everything is caving in.
There ain't never been no crystal stair, the caged bird sung it's tune that I know so well.
Every day is a new day to cry about.
I don't have my health, I'm listless and drained, my veins constrict from the poison of heart.
Past live hold no better faith for me.
When I look back on life I look at the times there were hole's in the ceiling and paint peeling every where.
The lack of a working refrigerator at times to the point in the winter milk and other goods were keep on the window sill.
I look back at the rent being owed to the point were we would turn off the lights and "not be home."
I remember there not being a phone.
I remember my mother tripping balls and all the voices whispering through her, I remember it all.
When I look back further I see where "We" as a people would dare not go, that front seat.
I can taste the echoed memories of the strange fruit hanging from the trees - that taste still lingers even to this day.
I feel the ancestral woes of generations of up spurred individuals sold away by people of there own kind.
It wasn't just the European devil doing the dead he had local help at times, before he pulled the usual double cross that is.
I see the sufferings of many and those of my own - in silence they stir like the astral wind of my mindscape.
I stuffer through all of it and that of which that has yet to bemoan for "IT"
"IT" is the moment of quite in the storm, "IT" is the childhood memories of a Ninja Turtles helicopter for Christmas
Or watching the Berlin wall fall, or spring walks in the botanical garden taking pictures.
"IT" is me not having a date with the Grim Reaper.
"IT" is Civil rights.
"IT" is the Emancipation Proclamation.
"IT" is a helping hand to those in need.
"IT" is the flicker of hope, light, Metta, tenderness...just a moment....
I live through it all for just a bit of "IT".

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