Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Brown Girls Talk About Love

This past Sunday marriage euality took effect in New York state. The first couple to take advantage of this were a older couple, Phyllis Siegal, 76, and Connie Kopelov, 84, who had been together for 23 years now. Their stride into history and matrimony is a testament to enduring love.

The first couple to get married under the new gay marriage law in New York, Connie Kopelov, left, gets a hug from her new wife, Phyllis Siegel, her partner of 23 years. They celebrate on the steps of the City Clerk's office in Manhattan. - La Times

As we move into this new era of what is classified as married we must not forget about a key ingredient to the contemporary mix of marriage, Love. Many ask what it is and few even think they have found it, check the divorce rates of married couples, but one still wonders is it even worth it and is it still out there to be found and had. That's what Sharon Lee De La Cruz and Charley are journeying to find out with the "2 Brown Girls Talk About Love" project. Going on the "assumption" that love is real, can be found and had they will explore the landscape of love through weekly interviews with others and art piece's for the next seven months using their website as a log of the entire process. I asked Sharon a few questions about love during the 1st week of the project.

Kaos Blac: Mind if I ask you a few questions about 2 Brown girls talk about love?

Sharon Lee De La Cruz: I would love to answer any questions.

Kaos Blac: How did you and your project partner, Charley, come up for the idea behind the project?

Sharon Lee De La Cruz: Well we skyped one day and started talking about love. We realized that love looks different for both us because of our very different backgrounds yet externally we are women of color. I specifically am concerned with love in lower income communities...I think love needs to be talked about in these communities.


Kaos Blac: How do you feel love is viewed in these communities, internally and externally?

Sharon Lee De La Cruz: Its mistaken for machismo, its mistaken for violence...people mistaken happiness for love.

Kaos Blac: I can see that, through your personal journey so far in this thing called love do you see a way to change these views.

Sharon Lee De La Cruz: Yes in language...using language that empowers people rather than nigga, fag, dick, without the self reflection.

Well love is a language I hope we all learn. For more information on the project check out: 2 brown girls talk about ♥

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