Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovin from the Oven...Teriyaki Chicken

Ever wanted to make your own Teriyaki chicken from scratch? Well on a on-site interview, the results of which you can follow here will soon, with the cake maven Latoya Snell of The Cake Monologues I did just that and it was a delicious culinary meeting. As the brain child of a 20 something wife and mother of one the lil business of crafting cakes in her spare time has brought her through some hard times and brought her back to her calling of cooking and being a professional chef. She is a highly trained lean mean cooking machine. Before I get any further let my introduce you to Latoya Snell, her family, the lil kitchen that could and her Teriyaki chicken. We start with baking some chicken wings at 400 degrees for 45 minutes covered.

Also you can start on your lemon herb rice. Start with cold water to cook the rice, measure out your rice and add to the pot. Add two bay leaves, then squeeze a half lemon into the mix. Add basil and oregano to taste. Let it boil (depending on how much your cooking for this meal which serves 6-8 12 mins)

Next we start on the sauce. To begin we start with an onion...

For more info on The Cake Monolouges check out the link below:

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