Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weeksville African American Post Slavery settlements.

Every Saturday in July its going down at the Weeksville Heritage Center. It's a month long series of FREE, yes FREE concerts. If you don't know about Weeksville you should. It was a post slavery settlement created by freed African American men and women. The settlement was established in part by the purchase of land by free man James Weeks in 1838. From his act a village grew populated by other free men and women creating a community outside of the established area for themselves. What stands today as landmarks are three restored houses of the settlement. Currently the Weeksville has been in the works of creating the Weeksville Heritage Center to
"document, preserve and interpret the history of free African American communities in Weeksville, Brooklyn and beyond and to create and inspire innovative, contemporary uses of African American history through education, the arts, and civic engagement."

In coming Saturdays Weeksville will have the following FREE concerts, doors open at 5pm:

For more information on Weeksville check out:

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