Sunday, November 6, 2011

Words Written on Water

Was it written on water as some sort of joke for us both not to ever conceive?
Does every time i see you make my heart to believe?
walk with me alittle while, i know that it's cold
but the fate of our universe could depend on what's told
When we know that for many reasons you and i were matched
but to also know that it breeds for our demise, a duality-pleasing attack
Time would suggest that we know the best and worst of each other
That my sword is just as sharp as your knife
The front doors of your eyes are the backdoors to mine
But neither merit much in our far too busy lives.
I want you, and sometimes i think i might even need
but i'll admit that i hate when i'm walking that tight rope
with heaven and hell am i BETWEEN
you keep me there when you sweetly care
Why can't we know what we're thinking?
Why can't we know what each other is thinking?
Instead i see the ripples make waves of our words
words written on water
grammatically beautiful verbs.
But a tight rope is a tight rope..
no matter how beautifully dressed.
We are a finely taught lesson
a mysterious blessing
who's mystery remains our guess.
- Shawn Michael Newton

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