Friday, November 4, 2011

A Hero Among Us

Phenoix Jones aka Benjamin John Francis Fodor
Ted S. Warren
  /  AP
Sometimes trying to do the right thing can lead you down the wrong path. Often the butt of jokes, but secretly admired, Pheniox Jones the Seattle based vigilante superhero has been putting his neck on the line night after night in a real life imitating art, comic book art that is, display of super-heroics. Trained in mixed martial artist Fodor, age 23, has gallantly taken to the streets to fight the good fight as his costumed alter ego Phoenix Jones but that's come to a halt now with a arrest. Fodor was arrested for and alleged assault connection to incident in which he was breaking up a fight and had to use pepper spray,

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

The current fall out from this unfortunate set of events is the lost of Fodor's job where for the past five years he has been working with autistic children and adults. Mind you he hasn't as of yet been charged with any wrong doing in connection to the incident but the Washington state Department of Soical and health services has informed him of he is no longer able to work with those populations, according to publicola. I say that this is a young guy trying to do what he felt was right sure he went about it in a highly unusual manner but it stood for something. He was making a stance in the face of the odds and making just the meager of  difference in the lives of the few that he came across in and out of costume.

We should all take a lesson from Phoenix Jones and stand up for ourselves and those around us to make this a better life. Life is impermance and last for only so long why not get the most out of it, why should we wallow in suffering, occupy the streets and boulevards with hope. Stand up for the those who can't make a stand for themselves. Let us all be our own super heroes.