Monday, December 5, 2011

Color Me Black

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season of Kwanzaa a friend of mine, Chris BlackAmerica of the band Black America, is putting together a great book to be shared for the family. "Color Me Black" will be a historical informative coloring book.

‎"COLOR ME BLACK" .. is a very necessary and vital addition to the consciousness building of the worlds black youth as well as all children.. it will be a tool that families can use to learn and bond together around the true greatness that we as the founding mothers and fathers of human life on this planet have contributed not only to ourselves but to all of humankind! It will feature up to 100 of the greatest black human beings that have ever lived and along with an interactive website will be a most fun and positive way to learn about many empowering and important facts.
The book will contain beautiful drawings by some of our most talented artists as well as a paragraph introducing each subject.. one will then be directed to a corresponding page on the website to engage in even more detailed info..
I think this is a brilliant concept and the responses have been extremely positive..many many interested people are already making inquiries.
As to how and where and when they can purchase one for themselves and their loved ones. COLOR ME BLACK will be available in several different languages in order to connect with our people no matter where they reside upon mother earth.. to let us all know that we are one great people !!! I am so looking forward to the completion in the spring of 2012 !!!
Untill then.. be well and great good fortune.. Alafia and Hotep! 
Blacklove !!! Blackunity !!! Blackfamily !!! Blackpower !!! COLOR ME BLACK !!!

In order to  make this book a reality Chris along with Ray Hands, For Fathers, Pharonic Designs, Homage Skateshop, The Honiblue Institute are putting together a fundraising event on December 11th at the Ray Hands Loft.

It'll be a great night of music, art and support for a great project. And I'll be there to boot so come on down and support.

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