Friday, December 2, 2011

Where Are They Now...Sylvia Black/ Betty Black

Ever wondered about what became of the voice behind NYC's KUDU,
Sylvia of KUDU @ SXSW 2007, photo by Kaos Blac

Well look no further she's now back as Betty Black and is in full effect just releasing two EP's earlier in the year and another soon to be release before the year is over. From her website Black Betty is discribed as follows,  "Betty Lee Black is a yellow rose, a girl, and a woman painted in hazy shades of pastels smeared by black mascara tainted teardrops." via While KUDU is on hiatus we get what sounds as a southern flavored lovelorn tinged dream melodies.

I can't say how much I'm blown away by her voice, bass skills, and um...buxomness. The, now blond, buxom bassist just released her first sold self produced video for the D'Wave remix of her song Low Tide Lullaby

Makes you wanna be rocked to bed huh?

If thats not enough check out the following rehearsal session of the song 'Chains We Choose'

 I love the fact in the video she's giving me Pat Benatar meets Blonde in a bar fight and winner takes on Linda Ronstadt. Its honky tonk and mascara. I can't wait for the new EP to come out. Check out more on Betty Black at her website.

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