Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paint the City BLUE

BLUEfiveone has just release the first track off of his forthcoming EP "BLUE Country Project" entitled "Paint the City Blue he's a quick synopsis of the track,  "Paint the City BLUE is the first official single from BLUEfiveone's "BLUE County Project". The song is about a man who is jaded with success and is in the pursuit of something new. Of course BLUEfiveone finds a way to bring as much anger to the song as possible, but thats just how we do it in BLUE County."

The track has a early 90's grunge guitar riff along with BLUE's lyrical verbosity, it holds true to the concept of a Blue story escpecially when the song hits the bridge, "I know I should let it go but I hold on cause.../even when they tell me I'm not wrong.../I don't feel good so i'm going to paint my city Blue." It's a torn up mixture of angst and feelings in a shade of Blue. I'm game for it, take a listen and you will be too,

Also check out Bluefiveone on Rufus Fly's track "Unstoppable" along with BLove, 

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