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Writer/Creator Ra'Chaun Rogers is on a mission to share a piece of his mind with the world. In order to do so he's taken his words and scripted the first issue of his comic Hierophants. The world of the book is not unlike our own, there is tension with in Black and Brown communities and the role that the pomice hold in them, the difference is that this world has The Geist as a hero of the people. I spoke with Ra'Chaun about the comic.

 Kaos Blac: So what lead you to write this comic?

 Ra'Chaun Rogers: I'd been trying to write comics since really elementary school. I've been effectivly scripting comics since Junior year of highschool but my push for this was summer of 2008 where I interned at marvel and saw a mural on a wall with hundreds of characters if not thousands and only 10 of them were black. Most of them I'd never really seen, So I decided that we need some stories about us and we (meaning black people) were the only ones who were going to effectivly tell them.

 Kaos Blac: How did you come up with the name behind the book and the concepts?
Art By Kurtis Hamilton

 Ra'Chaun Rogers: The name has changed several times it was originally called the Geist but that name was owned by DC comics then it was called Vilgilance but there was another indie comic with that name. So I had been reading Sandman and Clive Barker's Hellbound heart and the word Hierophants kept coming up so I looked up the meaning and it fit. It's essential a being that guides others to something deemed holy or sacred. The concepts were drived from ancinet African spirtiualism, books that my older brother had recommended to me that I'd read and become enamorued by the info I gained from those books were what gave me the imeptus to make this a more supernatual story.

 Kaos Blac: Not to let to much of the story slip but this story resonates with the current case of Treyvon Martain, as well as NYC's own stop and frisk policies. Its seems to me that these things always seem to happen in the black community, would you like to share your views on the relationship between Black and Brown communities and the authoritative mishandling of people of these communities in dealing with crime. 

Ra'Chaun Rogers: I can yes, I feel we live in an age where "Walking while black/brown" is a crime. There seems to be a lot of "Hey you boy, you must be up to no good" especially in New York city. What gets me is that the people who are the most aggressive when it comes to this are black/brown cops. There is a consensus whether it be unspoken or spoken that Black and Brown Communities have a fear or apprehension toward Authority because of the behavior of said figures in black and brown neighborhoods. We can name the numbers of killings that are public and for everyone there are others that aren't public I had a conversation with my older brother and he said "What if the police are really afraid of us?" to paraphase. So that got me thinking too. My character of Roger Drake is a perfect example of one of the above points. He's torn between where he comes from (Harlem) and where he is (The police force) so his growth and development will show what I think of things related to that.

 Kaos Blac: So how many issues are planned to spin your tail of Hierophants? Ra'Chaun Rogers: Right now there a 8 issue scripted. there will be about 3 or 4 seasons each containing 8 issues so about 32 give or take that's if money is coming in to produceand if people support. Heh. Kaos Blac: So you have a long road ahead of you filled with more stories. Cool beans. Well do you have anything else to say about your work in closing?

 Ra'Chaun Rogers: Yes, not so much my work but the industry i'm in. I'd like to put out a call to all creators of color, keep doing what your doing and to people of color who want to see people with their faces wearing capes and flying around the city. Remember to support, I love to create but no one can do anything without support.

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